Saturday, November 17, 2012

YouTube New Interface Update 2012 Metro Style Review

Youtube has updated there user interface. This new user interface looks similar to metro style. and it is very attractive then the old one. you can check out the the new user interface of youtube here. Look at the below provided screenshoot of youtube.
Youtube has also updated there video player interface. youtube's new player interface is awesome. check out the below screenshot
We thing this is a good idea from youtube to change it's interface to little similar to the metro design.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How To Center A Image Using [html 5] Code

For center a image in html 5 you should follow css and you can't use center html tag because it is not a valid html 5 tag. So for centering a image you can use the css code margin. Make the left and right margin as auto and top and bottom as zero.

Centering Image in html 5

Below is the code css code to make a image at center using css which is a html 5 valid method.

margin: 0px auto;display:block

If you apply the above css elements to a image it will look like the below given code

<img style="margin:0px auto;display:block" src="Image URL Here"/>

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twitter Followers Box - Facebook Style Box For Bloggers & Webs

Twitter followers box similar to facebook's fanpage like box widget. this widget can be used in bloggers, wordpress and all other websites. this tool is auto adjustable. so you don't need to adjust the width of this twitter follower box. It will auto resize. this twitter follower box will surly help you to increase you followers count. like facebook like box helped you to increase likes. it will also help you to increase you followers count. this widget is very helpful for blogger and wordpress users. this is a recommended widget for newbies to increase there followers. this plugin was developed by mark carey. below is the screenshot of the twitter follower box.

How to Install Facebook Like Twitter Follower Box In Blogger

Login in to your blogger dashboard and open layouts, then click on added widget and select html/javascript then add the following code.

<script type="text/javascript"
Note: Change and
Now you have successfully installed twitter followers box in blogger

Install Facebook Like Twitter Follower Box In Wordpress

Login in to your wordpress dashboard and openwidget, then select text widget then add the following code and click save.

<script type="text/javascript"
Now you have successfully installed twitter followers box in wordpress

Install Facebook Like Twitter Follower Box In Websites

Open your website page and add the following code and save the page

<script type="text/javascript"

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Share Twitter Tweets on Google Plus. Connect Twitter and Google Plus

Now you can share your twitter tweets in google plus. Google+Tweet app lets you share your twitter tweets on google plus easy. you only just need to install the app on google plus. after allowing the app to control google plus you can easy share your twitter tweets on google plus.
As said sharing twitter tweets has become easy. there is no more waiting. it's time to starting share your twitter tweets on google plus. check the app link below

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Create Stylish Blogger Contact Me Form - emailmeform

It is very easy to create contact me form. In this tutorial we will use emailmeform for creating contact form. We have planned to post an article which will be self created or self hosted. emailmeform is a great tool to make contact me as well as other form pages like faq, etc.

You can create stylish contact me forms from emailmeform. emailmeform is very easy to use also. it has lot of advantages. you can easy add new tabs and cols to your contact me page and the best part of this is it also works on blogger. All the contact form sites work on php script. but this also works for a html site. so it is perfect for bloggers. emailmeform can be easily customized. below is the screenshots of emailmeform. contact page

We thing you will love to use emailmeform. It is the best way to make contact page for bloggers

SEO Title Calculator Tool - Google - Bing - Yahoo

This is a simple tools to count the number of character in the title of your page. This tool can we very useful for your blog or website for ranking high in google search. 

Google Title Character Limit: 63
Bing Title Character Limit: 90
Yahoo Title Character Limit: 90
Other Search Engines Title Character Limit: 90

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Recommended For You Widget Blogger Slide Out Popup Box

Recommended for you slide out is very famous tool. It is used in all popular websites. It is very useful in increasing traffic. It popups when some after reading the post, article or content in a website and scrolls down. This popup is shown. It is used in most of the major sites. It helps a lot increasing the traffic and ranking of the page.

Recommended for you is now available for blogger. It will help bloggers to have there visitors in there blog by reading more similar blogs like they have read before on that page. This recommended for you slide out is also used by mashable for increasing there traffic and page ranking. It is a must have widget for bloggers. It is very seo friendly.

As we can see in the above screenshot the recommended for you widget for blogger. It is shown at the right bottom of the blogger blog page. And it popups up when someone has finished reading a blogger blog post. The post link shown in the recommended for you slide out will be similar post to the post were the visitor is.

The Recommended for you slide out blogger widget includes sharing buttons. Which can be used for share the blogger blog post on twitter, facebook, etc..

How To Setup Recommended For You Slide Out Widget For Blogger

You must registers an account at and then fill up the form. After the signup you must verify the account by clicking on the click which is mailed to you. now by going to and following the instruction you can setup the recommended for you slide out for blogger widget.

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