Tuesday, June 26, 2012

PunchTab Review

This articles is based upon trending website punchtab. PunchTab is a  Loyalty Program by which your users can earn money and even get traffic to your website or blog. There is no need of any approval to get your account working. They even support mobile online applications. They give full control dashboard for bloggers & publisher. Lots more read below

Using punchtab you can also earn reward point. They provide two type of account. One is free acount with basic setup and the other one is premium account they call it "Punchy".

PunchTab Review Cons

Punchtab's premium account have more support to there customers. It takes a lot of effort to earn a reward. You have to show punchtab as a popup sidebar etc. It will get a worst look for your website or blog.

Editor's Review PunchTab

For punchtab it's a no from us. It's just a waste of time, It's like spent 100 and earn 10.

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