Thursday, June 21, 2012

Remove Spam Blogs - Blogger Spam Prevention Robots

Blogger has released new spam prevention robot. This is new from blogger for spam prevention. This is the first time blogger has released something for spam prevention. Like everything in this universe, this spam prevention robot was it's pros and cons.

Pros : Good for fighting against spam.
Cons: Lot's of false alert

Like we said this is must for fighting against spams, Year by year spam blog's increasing. the spammers are increasing. because of this spam prevention robot is very useful.

The best part of this spam prevention robot is you can submit a spam blog for spam check. If they found the blog as spam they will remove it after the review.
Link for alerting spam prevention robot about spam blog : Click Here

Like we said about the cons. alot of false alert. this happen when you never login your blogger, when you post  on same topic and also when you duplicate others content. If this happen to your blog as mistake from spam prevention robot, see the below picture
Blog Marked as Spam 

See the picture in right, this is how you will see a blog if it is marked as spam blog in your blogger dashboard
you can remove the spam mark by clicking restore

When you click restore a request will be sent to remove spam mark it will time some time to remove spam mark before it is human verified
This message is shown when you click restore

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