Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Outlook Mail From Microsoft - Get Your New Email Address

Recently Microsoft announced about there new email service. Microsoft is up with a great idea of having a new email address for there users. They named it as Outlook. It has a great interface. The user interface is similar to that of new hotmail. The best thing is that there are no much account registered so you can get username as you like.

The Outlook Mail has a lot of features. You can interconnect Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with Outlook Mail. You will soon have features of skype in Outlook. It is because of this purpose Microsoft brought Skype for 2.5 billion $.

Outlook has nice and cute looks. From my point of view Outlook has the best email service interface. It is pretty similar to there metro style. Which is used in windows 8. check out the video below

Microsoft also has introduced they skydrive with Outlook. you can preview the Outlook from here. Get a Outlook email address fast before someone registers the username which you are willing to get.

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